HubTran for Forwarders

Planes, trains, and ocean liners—no paper.

It's complicated.

Forwarding is all about multiple modes of transportation. Crossing borders. Lots of countries, lots of customers, lots of connections. And plenty of documents (an understatement).

So make it simple. 

HubTran’s the automated way to manage docs, audit shipment data and process invoices. A way to get everything done quickly, consistently and accurately. Revolutionary for your back office. Thrilling for your customers.

AI and OCR make HubTran smart. HubTran makes you brilliant.

HubTran’s Document Management Module quickly identifies Master BOLs, House BOLs, Arrival Notices, Commercial Invoices, and Creditor Invoices, and attaches these documents to their correct shipments in your transportation management system.

Reduce workload by 80%, reduce costs by half. The rate you grow is up to you.

HubTran’s Payables Module automates your payables process, so auditing and data entry happen fast and automatically, with far less labor. Imagine going 4x faster without errors. Now imagine scaling up without staffing up. What’s not to love?

HubTran is automatic. Learning it is, too.

Because HubTran is integrated with your TMS, you can literally learn how to use our automated document management and payables systems in the morning, then go live in the afternoon. Super easy, no startup time, no kidding.

Is it time to learn more? We think so.

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We’ve been around the block. (And around the world.)