HubTran For 3PLs 

With modules for payables, documents, receivables, and payments, you get precisely what you need to go faster and grow faster.

Organize payables 4x faster.

By using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence, HubTran Payables reads and organizes everything as if someone did it for you—without mistakes. It’s the easy way to have a happy back office and even happier carriers.

Stop searching for documents.

It’s easy to retrieve documents like Bills of Lading, Delivery Receipts, and Reweigh Certificates from carrier sites with HubTran Documents. It automatically pulls docs and drops them into your TMS, not only speeding the process, but also flagging document gaps.

Streamline customer billing.

HubTran Receivables automates the creation and distribution of customer invoices. HubTran effortlessly renders invoices, attaches the needed documents and delivers them. You flag bounces, see when invoices are viewed, and keep track of customers’ billing requirements.

Let them know
(before they ask).

HubTran’s Portal allows carriers (and their factors) to get updates, review documents, and see invoice and payment status. It lets customers access what they need in a secure portal and enables trading partners to upload documents, communicate, and resolve exceptions. All of which curbs the number of times your phone rings.

Be all the carriers'

HubTran Payments automates payments with terms and financing customized to your business.  You pay when you want to pay, and carriers get paid when they want. Which accelerates cash flow and attracts truck capacity. On top of all that, it eliminates the costs of postage, checks, and envelopes and the hassle of check runs.

From our fan club:

“Documents drop right into our dashboard, already indexed and grouped. We doubled volume at half of our old costs. HubTran gives NFI the bandwidth to grow without having to add bodies.”
David Broering, NFI

“HubTran worked with us to customize workflows, so starting up was easy. Minimal training required and zero ongoing IT support needed. Our new customers get set up fast, with their preferences captured. Our DSO has shrunk by 4 days. A great improvement.”
Troy Lampley, Priority1

“Hubtran is built for transportation people, cutting out low-level stuff where a lot of mistakes happen because people are bored. It's more accurate than a human could possibly be—we now have no mistakes. A lifesaver.”
Michelle Baughman, Giltner

“It wasn't until we implemented HubTran that we saw how efficient we could be. Our carriers are extremely pleased.  We've developed a great strong working relationship with HubTran and I want people to know all about what they can do”.
— Naval Rajpurkar, Circle8